Privacy Policy

Preciate is dedicated to helping individuals build stronger, deeper relationships by enabling members to participate in remote socials, give and receive recognition, and validate recognition. Of paramount importance to Preciate is transparency in its use and the sharing of data. This Privacy Policy applies to the use of its Services on and within the Preciate apps (which include Web, iOS, Android, Slack and Microsoft Teams.)

This Privacy Policy applies to both Registered Members, who are defined as individuals who have created a Preciate profile, as well as Non-registered Members, who are defined as individuals who are visiting or interacting with one of its websites or the Preciate apps, but have not created a profile.

Our Registered Members engage with their Preciate network by participating in remote socials, giving recognitions, requesting validations of a recognition they have given to another individual, “liking” a recognition or validation, adding a sticker to a recognition or validation, viewing the recognitions and validations they have participated in and those of their contacts or members of their company. Non-registered Members and Registered Members may interact with Preciate’s Services by participating in remote socials, receiving a recognition, responding to a validation request or by viewing achievement records. All recognitions and validations are private to your organization and connections (unless you enable your portrait to make them public). Preciate stores both the public and private text provided by validators and recognizers.

Preciate is a Delaware Corporation based in Dallas, Texas and its services are currently offered to individuals, companies, and organizations within countries we have activated for service. Preciate Inc. is the controller of the personal data provided to Preciate Inc. through any of its websites, feedback channels and within the Preciate apps. This includes cookies we use and other information we collect on our websites. Additionally, when you create a Profile or interact with Preciate in any way, you are entering into the Terms of Use Agreement with Preciate, Inc. (available in a separate document). The collection, use and sharing of your personal data is subject to both the Terms of Use Agreement and this Privacy Policy and any subsequent updates to either document.


Profile Information

To become a Registered Member provide your name, mobile number, and a password. We also enable you to become a Registered Member by logging in with certain third-party authentication services. Profile information, such as the answering of questions anywhere within the app, providing your company name, providing your email address and uploading of a photograph or Avatar enhances your ability to leverage the greatest value from the platform.


Recognizing Others, Validating Others’ Recognition

Preciate collects data from you when you give recognitions, thank others for recognizing you, respond to validation requests or upload contacts. When enabled as public by Members, recognitions are public, and viewable by both Registered Members and Non-registered Members. Members may keep their recognitions private. That said, Preciate will retain all custom text, photography and media provided to it. Additionally, information like your phone number and email address are kept private, as are the phone numbers and email addresses collected to send your recognitions or validation requests.


Others Provide Your Information

Preciate receives information when others recognize you, ask you to validate another person’s recognition, import your information from their mobile phones’ contacts, or provide information regarding their relationship to you. Preciate also receives information if your company or school decides to deploy Preciate across all of its ranks. We may also receive information from a third-party authentication service.


Participation and Feedback

We track participation in our Services including Preciate Social as well as feedback we receive through our websites and within the Preciate apps. This is done to help resolve issues and ensure the highest performance of our Services as well as to determine ways to enhance both your privacy and your experience. We track a variety of items, including, but not limited to, whether you have push notifications enabled, which screens you visit most often, how frequently you send and receive recognitions and validations and whether you thank people for recognizing you through the platform, which socials you attended, and how you interacted with our applications and its members. We use this information in aggregate and may share it with others to gain better understanding of our industry. We also track how you may have come to download the app or engage with the platform and start using it to determine the efficacy of our marketing efforts.


Building Deeper Connections

Preciate is intended to build a network of individuals who strengthen their relationships with others. Strengthening relationships is accomplished by participating in remote socials and by recognizing the value of those around them. When you become a Registered Member, other Registered Members will be able to interact with you in remote socials and recognize you or request that you validate the recognition they are giving to someone else. Preciate’s remote social services allow you to spend time with others in a social context remotely. Preciate’s recognition services allow you to strengthen your relationships by giving recognition and by helping others build a portable record of achievements (a Preciate Portrait) and having others build one for you in return. The resulting data (or portrait) will be private to you, your company’s users, and your connections, unless you make it public. If your Portrait is public, we will use data about you, such as your name, the individuals you have recognized or validated, and the company where you work or school you attend or previously attended to help others find your Preciate Portrait.

It is entirely your choice whether to send recognitions, validations or an invitation to join the Preciate network. When you do, your recognition, validation or invitation will include your name and photo or Avatar (if you have provided a photo or Avatar in your profile.)

It is also entirely your choice whether to make your recognitions private or private.



Security is of paramount importance to Preciate and we use a variety of tools to protect your data, however, we cannot guarantee the security of any information that you send us or that others send us about you.


Data Retention

Preciate retains your personal data while you are a Registered Member in order to provide its Services. Data is stored in servers based in the United States. In some instances you may edit or delete your data yourself, where you cannot, however, you may request to have your data edited, removed or deleted by contacting In the interest of clarity, information you write about others and send in recognitions and validations within the app is not considered your personal information. If you would like to restrict the use of your personal data beyond what is within the confines of this agreement, we will make efforts to do so, but may be forced to ask you to close your account to ensure your comfort. You have the right to request the data we have on you at any time. All requests are considered within applicable governing law.


Account Closure

When you ask to close your Preciate account, your personal data will cease to be viewable through our Services within 3-5 business days. Your account information will be deleted within approximately 60 days of closure except where data retention is required for legal, compliance, security or audit purposes and we will retain de-personalized information, as allowable by law, after your account is closed. Information you write about others in the context of giving validations and recognitions is not considered your personal information and will remain associated with the person’s record who received the recognition or validation. Additionally, information written about you on another individual’s recognition or validation will also remain in the system and others may be able to view your profile until they completely close the app and reopen it. Finally, we do not have the ability to control information that may have been copied by others from the system before you terminated your account.


Outside Experts

Preciate leverages the expertise of others to provide various services within its app and on its websites. These organizations help us track analytics, provide deep links, advise on marketing and communicate more effectively with both Registered Members and Non-registered members. These organizations may have access to your information in order to fulfill the duties for which they are engaged and they are bound by the same obligations as Preciate to protect your information.



It is possible that we will be required by law to disclose information about you if there is reasonable belief that such disclosure is necessary to protect you, others, Preciate or its personnel. Preciate will attempt, in good faith, to contact you through the Service, Email or SMS text if such an incident arises unless such notification is prohibited by law or by timing. All requests for information will be scrutinized but Preciate does not guarantee it will challenge every claim.

Preciate may also provide your information because of a change of ownership or control of the organization. Any new entity would be bound by this Privacy Policy just as you would retain the right to revoke your consent at any time.

If you would like to contact a European data protection authority, please click here.


Changes to This Privacy Policy

From time to time, Preciate may be required to update this policy. If material changes are made to the Privacy Policy, Preciate will provide due notice through its Services. If you object to any changes, you may contact Preciate at and close your account. Your continued engagement in our services after notification serves as your acknowledgement of acceptance of any changes.

If you have questions regarding this Policy, please contact Preciate online at