Preciate Recognition: Employee Recognition Now FREE for Everyone

No matter what industry you work in or what your job title may be, all employees want their work to have meaning, and their relationships at work to be strong. Workplace recognition motivates employees, makes them feel accomplished for the work they do, and helps build team cohesion and improve company culture. Not only has it been found to increase productivity and loyalty to a company, but employee recognition also increases morale and employee engagement in the workplace. 

For companies of any size, anywhere, we are now offering Preciate Recognition at no cost, allowing your team to show appreciation to colleagues, helping you to grow stronger relationships at work and beyond. Preciate Recognition can be used on its own, in app or on the web, via integrations with Slack or Microsoft Teams, or as a built-in part of the Preciate Social Presence platform. Our goal is to make it simple for anyone, anywhere to participate in this amazing Give-Get cycle that strengthens relationships and makes people happier.  

Preciate was founded on a mission to use the power of technology to bring people closer together. Over the years we have grown to become a revolutionary platform for virtual meetings and events, used around the world by companies of all sizes. And one of the things that makes Preciate such a wonderful place to work is our own culture of recognition. Everyone from the CEO to the most junior employee takes time on a regular basis to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of one another. We know that there is no “I” in team, and that we need each other to achieve our collective goals. 

Why Choose Preciate Recognition?

It’s Free!

We believe every company should embrace the give-get cycle of gratitude to help make your workplace a happier place. So we’re making it free!

Preciate is Purpose-Driven

As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to bring the power of togetherness technology to every company on the planet because we know it will make a positive impact on many individuals. 

Increase Engagement and Attract Better Talent

Company culture, teamwork, and engagement are driven by relationships, and the stronger and deeper relationships are among your employees, co-workers, and partners, the more resilient and effective your business will be. We built Preciate Recognition to help you elevate workplace gratitude, to meet the expectations of tomorrow’s workforce. Strengthen relationships – the core of a strong culture – by activating the Give-Get cycle of recognition. Simple, fast, and powerful.

Fully Integrated 

Our recognition platform is integrated directly with Microsoft Teams and Slack, as well as the Preciate Social Presence platform. We want to make it simple for your team to give a shout out to whoever on the team deserves one, whenever and wherever they are. If you’re in a social or team gathering inside a Preciate room, you can give recognition to other attendees or directly to performers without leaving the room. Build team cohesion and improve relationships with the power of recognition.

Mobile Friendly

Get the full Preciate Recognition experience wherever you go with our iOS and Android app. Especially helpful for frontline workers.

Activity Feed & Sharing

Showcase your positive culture to employees, applicants, and customers. Attract and retain better talent. 

Badges, Stickers, and Awards

Reinforce the behaviors and traits that matter to your company, and highlight your company’s core values. 

Insightful Reports

Understand how performance and engagement are driven by recognition. See team dynamics, trends, and leaderboards to understand who is most actively involved.

Simple Administration

Curate your recognition program to be exactly what you want. Manage who sees what and when across your entire organization.

Privacy Settings & Controls

We take you and your company’s privacy very seriously. Use Preciate’s controls to ensure your program is as secure as you need it to be.

Stream Across Intranet & TV Displays

Use a snippet of code to display a live feed of recognition wherever you want. Add the code to your organization’s intranet or website. Then, display the feed on a TV or monitor in the office.

We all know the power of gratitude and the impact it can have on employee retention. If your company has been considering implementing an employee recognition platform but have hesitated because of price constraints, Preciate is here to help. Learn more or sign up for free here.