Don’t Just Meet. Preciate.

Designed for the hybrid workplace, our Social Presence platform promotes authentic connections that accelerate business.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Natural Movement

Experience Social Presence®- move naturally through virtual spaces and be authentically present.

Spontaneous Conversations

No need for breakout rooms – audio proximity enables small group conversations and ‘bumping’ into each other.

Audience Mixing

Hear laughter, cheering, and applause during presentations in a real time feed of all audience reactions.

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Customize Your Room

Backgrounds & Room Items

Display your brand essence or provide meeting context with background themes and room items that you choose.

Premium Music

Choose from our library of 20+ premium music playlists to add background music that fits the tone of your event.

Full Host Control

Designate which features are available to your participants and secure your room with join settings.

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Build Healthier Relationships

Improve Internal Communication

Promote engagement whenever you meet virtually and turn every meeting into a memorable moment.

Build Company Culture

Create the healthiest relationships possible at every interaction.

Bring People Together from Anywhere

Preciate unifies distributed teams. Use the iOS app to join a meeting from your mobile phone while on the go.

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Unify in-person and virtual attendees

Bring people together from anywhere and achieve your meeting objectives with an interactive hybrid meeting solution anyone can manage.

Elevated Virtual Attendee Experience

Livestream from the on-site stage into a virtual room where mingling and sidebar conversations happen before and after presentations.

Mobile App

The Preciate iOS app and Android support allow both virtual and in-person attendees to connect and network together, no matter their location.

Uses for Preciate

Here are a few of the many ways Preciate’s Social Presence® platform can add value to your business.

Networking Events

Effective networking requires free movement and the ability to get in (and out of) conversations quickly. Work the room, make connections, and build your business.


Get old and new members of the team to collaborate and pass down knowledge seamlessly and effortlessly while enabling real relationship building.


Cast a wider net for candidates and increase engagement by hosting virtual recruiting events that executives can join from anywhere.

Employee Resource Groups

Narrow the gap in your organization by providing a space for ERGS to meet and culture building to take place, no matter where people are located.

Large Team Meetings

Rather than presenting to a wall of static video boxes, deliver your messages in a warm and engaging fashion, enabling group discussions.

Learning & Development

Bring out the best in your team by facilitating engaging learning sessions. Get full focus during your training sessions on Preciate to unlock employee potential.

Better Virtual Meetings, or Your Money Back

We believe in the power of our technology to transform your virtual interactions. If you purchase a Preciate subscription and aren’t satisfied after 90 days, we’ll give you your money back.

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Hear why our clients love using Preciate to build healthier relationships and accelerate business.

“Preciate has been a lifeline for our teams. We brought our sales, customer success, and services teams together, which builds trust and only makes our culture stronger.”

Mathilde Henry
EMEA Director

“Preciate’s mission resonated strongly with us, the team cared about helping us to elevate our culture in the midst of our transition to remote work.”

Catherine Campbell
IT Director

“Easy to use and innovative social events platform. The clever mix of audio and visual representation is a winner, it brings people to life in a virtual setting – and it’s fun too!”

Jonathan Hudson
Platform Partner Manager

Don’t Just Meet. Preciate.

Experience Social Presence to create interactive spaces
that foster better connections.