Introducing the New Preciate iOS Application

How the new app takes the Preciate platform to the next level

After months of intensive development, the Preciate iOS app has made its official debut in the Apple App Store. Download the Preciate app to enter virtual rooms while on the go and for optimal convenience. With the release of the iOS app, everyone can access events in Preciate from any device including their iPhone!

You may already know of our other iOS application, Preciate Recognition. While you can still download the recognition app to give and receive recognition on the go, please note that you cannot enter Preciate Rooms from the recognition app. You must download the latest application in order to enter a Preciate Room. The new iOS app does not yet have hosting functionality, so if you are hosting an event in Preciate, stick to using the web app for now.

Key Features

Engaging Presentations

Break past Zoom fatigue and use Preciate for presentations that keep attendees present and engaged. Presenters can choose from a variety of audio modes that dictate how and when the audience can interact with presenters. Create an atmosphere that’s as interactive as you want, and be sure the presentation is optimally engaging.

Fit up to four people at a time in a presentation to quickly form a panel of people from anywhere. Easily share screens to disseminate information and make remote collaboration better than ever. With the new iOS app, view presentations from the comfort and convenience of your cell phone.

Natural Mingling and Movement

Preciate allows people to naturally move through virtual spaces, allowing participants to be authentically present and strike up spontaneous conversations. Now with the Preciate iOS app, attendees can navigate around the room using their finger to determine which direction they move. You can also do a pinching motion on the screen to zoom in and out in order to customize the number of people you can see directly around you.

Form Connections with Chat, Convos, and More

Attending events in Preciate is unlike any other virtual event experience out there. Chat with others using the live chat feature or by moving around the room freely. Participate in built-in icebreakers and other activities guided by the Preciate team and created with the formation of healthy relationships in mind.