How To Use A Microsoft Teams App for Employee Recognition

Microsoft Teams has been making a big splash in the world of workplace communication tools. More than doubling their user base in the past year, they now have even more active users than their top competitor, Slack.

With a huge number of corporations already using Office 365, it makes sense how many of those companies would choose to implement MSTeams over something more “hip” like Slack. Now, with a solid user base, more and more employees are spending valuable work time using MSTeams. So how can employers optimize Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams on computer.

Microsoft Teams Apps

Microsoft Teams has the ultimate goal of being a central hub for employees. That means opening up the platform for app developers to create integrations for users to install and use while on the platform. Installing the right teams apps for your company is a key way to optimize MSTeams. 

xIn the app store, Microsoft AppSource, you can find everything from task management apps to customer survey and live chat tools. To find what you need quickly and easily, filter by categories such as Productivity or Human Resources.

Using Microsoft Teams for Employee Recognition

The importance of employee recognition is only becoming more apparent to companies as time goes on. If your company is currently using or considering implementing Microsoft Teams, an employee recognition application is a great way to bring even more value to your team.

From improved performance to increased employee engagement, there are so many benefits to giving consistent, personalized recognition to your coworkers. With MSTeams, recognition can be made public to the rest of the channel, which increases visibility of accomplishments and encourages discretionary effort.

Preciate’s Employee Recognition App for Microsoft Teams

Preciate is a free employee recognition platform whose core purpose is strengthening teams and relationships. In fact, we even became a Certified B Corporation in order to further our commitment to our mission and the benefits we can bring to society. Our MSTeams application was built to give teams around the world the best chance at long-term success and ultimately happiness.

With Preciate, teams are uplifted by the giving and receiving of recognition, which can be fed directly into any channel of your choice. Recognitions are automatically synced with your Preciate account, so you can view them anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s pulling up the Company Portrait during a team meeting or giving instant recognition from within MSTeams, Preciate takes an innovative approach to our employee recognition platform.

With the rise of Microsoft Teams, more companies can take advantage of the wide variety of application integrations. Anyone on a team can install an employee recognition application like Preciate, jumpstarting their own recognition program. By making employee recognition convenient for MSTeams users, Preciate works to strengthen even more teams with the power of recognition.

Preciate’s employee recognition platform is now free for companies of all sizes. Take a look to learn more.