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4 Predictions for the Future of Work in 2021

2020 proved to be a year no one really saw coming. Although there were certainly some predictions around increases in remote work, no one could have foreseen the huge jump it took in the past year. Work, for many of us, has changed forever. As we begin the new year, let’s explore some predictions for the future of work in 2021.

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100 Reasons Why Virtual Socials are Better

Parties, Customer Events, Happy Hours, and Team Gatherings Made Simple, Fast, and Fun As the world changes, there are more and more obstacles to overcome in order to be together in person. Despite putting our health at risk, meeting in person can be expensive and inconvenient. Yet people still crave human connection and building stronger relationships with others. That’s why we built Preciate. It’s the virtual meeting and event platform that replicates the atmosphere of real-life business socials and mixers with its Social Presence® technology. To learn more about why virtual socials can be even better than real life, read […]

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Remote Working Outdoors

7 Remote Work Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement

With the recent increase in remote work due to the pandemic, many companies are experiencing a wide range of positives and negatives when it comes to working from home. While there are plenty of positives such as increased productivity and flexibility, there can certainly be some challenges as well. One of the major challenges companies face with remote employees is maintaining employee engagement.

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7 Tips for Strengthening Company Culture While Working From Home

Despite a historically critical attitude towards working from home, remote work has become more and more popular in countries across the globe. Research has shown a huge advantage for remote employees in terms of performance and productivity, with an almost 13% increase in performance over a nine-month period. For years, these studies continued to fuel the trend of companies moving to remote working and more flexible schedules for their employees.

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How to Keep Remote Teams Engaged

Having a significant number of your employees working remotely on any given day is the new normal, and for many managers, the management of people they can’t “drop in on” is a bit of a puzzle. But studies have shown that remote employees are, on the whole, happier and more productive than their in-house counterparts, so companies need to embrace effective strategies for keeping them engaged.

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