The 4 Best Virtual Conference Platforms of 2022, Hands Down

Businesses, clubs, and friend groups have been forced online due to pandemic measures and changing social customs. This has made identifying the best virtual conference platforms more important than ever before. Still, many business owners have doubts about the virtual conference software they see advertised on a regular basis.

Which virtual conference platform is perfect for your business? How can a virtual events platform fill in the gaps when in-person meetings just aren’t possible? This review of the four best virtual conference platforms will ensure you find the perfect fit for your organization. 

4 Best Virtual Conference Platforms in 2022

Virtual conference software has been on the rise the past several years with innovative solutions for remote work. Finding the virtual conference platform that suites your needs best is important to create the best remote work experience for your organization. Read on to learn about four different options to consider.

1. Preciate

The best virtual conference platform of 2022 is Preciate, which has drawn widespread acclaim for its incredibly realistic networking experience. Whether it’s a formal conference with a tight schedule or simple mingling that allows for authentic human connections, Preciate is an alternative to bigger video conferencing platforms

Preciate stands apart from other virtual conference software because it melds movement, music, and mingling for all attendees in an incredibly seamless fashion. For businesses and social groups that want authentic connections and interactivity instead of simple virtual connectivity that’s easy to disengage from, Preciate is the go-to option. 

The real life atmosphere of Preciate is compounded by its enticing music options and dynamic movement features that ensure all participants feel active and involved. The best virtual conference platforms will always be dominated by Preciate’s realistic atmosphere. There’s even an iOS app so attendees can join from mobile devices. No matter where they are, anyone can join the networking event with Preciate’s mobile app!

Preciate is more than your typical conference software –– it enables meaningful connections that ensure high attendance rates and lasting impacts that will leave attendees coming back for more. Reviewers on G2 highlight that Preciate is a great way to connect with remote teams, and a fun way to interact with others virtually. With Preciate, a truly interactive and memorable experience is always just one click away. 

2. 6Connex

6Connex is a virtual conference software that works well for enterprise-level events whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid. One unique feature of 6Connex is that it offers perpetual venues that can be branded and used time and time again for different events. It’s not a one-and-done approach, but rather, a tool that can have many different uses.

Your virtual venue can be intricately designed and customized to your exact specifications or fast, pre-configured ones are available. It is an ideal virtual conference software for all industries and use cases including sales and marketing, education and training, charities and fundraisers, and much more. 

Preciate is also integrated with 6Connex making adding a networking component easy to add to hybrid or virtual events on this conference software. The two platforms work together seamlessly to provide the best possible experience for guests every time.

3. Hubilo

Hubilo is a leading virtual conference platform on the market today. It was created with virtual, hybrid, and in-person events in mind. This virtual conference platform offers an excellent client experience with with partners to help users plan, execute events, and complete reporting afterward. The company prides itself on powerful engagement options such as polls, social media integrations, reactions, surveys, and interactive chats.

For those in need of an all-in-one event ticketing and video conferencing platform, Hublio is increasingly catching the public’s attention. Hublio makes event promotion quite easy with custom branding features, which are great for organizations in search of a virtual conference software that will help them raise awareness about a key issue or forthcoming events. 

4. Livestorm 

Livestorm provides some of the finest analytics on the marketplace when it comes to analyzing your events. Of all the best virtual conference platforms to consider, many hail Livestorm as the premier option for analytical services. This is due to the fact that Livestorm provides cutting-edge insights that help you bolster your ROI from lead generation and live events.

A great virtual conference software should also cut down on administrative burdens, another area where Livestorm excels. There is also no download required to access this virtual conference software, setting it apart from others that may require downloads that not all potential attendees are willing to consent to. This means that your attendance rate could increase when you rely on Livestorm’s incredibly easy to use services. 

Professional interactive webinars are easier to oversee with the help of a virtual events platform like Livestorm. Whether you’re looking to host a meeting between 2 people or 200 attendees, Livestorm will be there to ensure you enjoy crystal clear communications while collecting the analytics you need to guide future decision-making.

Now you know about the best virtual conference platforms in 2022. We hope this guide helps you find a platform that fits your needs.

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