10 All Hands Meeting Ideas That Keep Team Members Engaged

If you work remotely, you understand how virtual conferences can easily turn into lifeless corporate gatherings with no end in sight. Whether it’s a deck of slides loaded with statistical data or a lack of employee participation, there are many ways to conduct a poor all-hands virtual gathering.  

When done correctly, they can bring your company together and keep employees motivated towards shared goals. If you think your company gatherings are struggling with engagement and participation, then it is time to make a thorough change. This step-by-step guide will cover essential topics for all-hands meetings so you can drive employee engagement and establish a positive company culture.

10 Virtual All-Hands Meeting Ideas

Company gatherings are about fostering productive workforces and strengthening employee relationships. With this in mind, here are 10 virtual all-hands meeting ideas to consider for reviving your team.   

1. Prepare a team agenda

As an organizer, the worst action you can take is running a virtual conference without an established plan. Not only will this reflect poorly on you, but your company’s image will be tainted. Develop a coordinated agenda that outlines topics, presentations, and activities. Make sure to send your employees advanced notices, so they know what to expect without feeling alarmed.

2. Start with icebreakers

Kicking off a hybrid or remote gathering with icebreakers is a solid way to diminish any awkwardness and ensure participants become comfortable with each other. You can discuss your favorite hobbies, hidden talents, or what you love about your position. You can even play the classic Two Truths and a Lie game. 

The point is to establish an informal introduction where you learn more about your colleagues and encourage casual interactions.

3. Introduce new employees

Introducing a new employee during a virtual meeting is a kind way to make them feel welcomed and integrated into the company family. You can do this by giving them a shoutout. Alternatively, they can introduce themselves and their role. Doing so can help strengthen employee bonds and create a cohesive work environment.

4. Acknowledge employee accomplishments

What better way to show appreciation and gratitude than by acknowledging employee accomplishments? Recognition helps employees build a sense of security in their value to the company. Employees want to feel valued and connected to their team. Use your virtual all-hands meeting as an opportunity to call out individual contributions.

5. Split into breakout rooms

Breakout rooms can help drive engagement and encourage meaningful discussions around a specific topic. Discussion topics can revolve around company objectives, employee needs, or project development. If you need a comprehensive meeting platform that can deepen employee connections and cultivate interactive discussions, try our Preciate platform.

Our custom-made settings help foster natural conversations between employees, paving the way for effective collaboration.

6. Host Q&A sessions

Running a Q&A session is one of the best all-hands meeting ideas. This is a sure way of encouraging participants to speak about what is on their minds. Plus, these sessions can boost engagement and promote an open discussion about company goals, concerns, and employee feedback. You can have participants submit their questions via chat boxes or collect them before a meeting via email.

7. Celebrate company achievements

Similar to employee recognition, reflecting on company achievements can boost employee motivation and create a positive team atmosphere. Did the company exceed quarterly sales? Retain all of its clients? We think you get the idea. With Preciate, you can take this further by turning it into an interactive poll session and having members write down their favorite company accomplishments. 

8. Microtraining sessions

Microtraining, or microlearning, is a guided learning experience where complex topics are broken down into short study forms. These forms can be short videos, learning games, or simple tutorials. Take this opportunity to assess what topics might be useful for your employees to learn and create a short but comprehensive session that focuses on the subject matter.

9. Engage participants with live polls

Don’t settle for a single question with one piece of feedback. Instead, go the extra mile by distributing polls throughout the meeting. Use live polling to ask participants for their thoughts on a presentation, sales pitch, or company objectives. This way, you gain a better understanding of the team atmosphere.

10. Reflect on company values

What does your company stand for? How do you envision success? These are questions that get to the core of what makes your organization unique. An all-hands-on virtual meeting is a perfect opportunity to re-establish what makes your workforce stand out. Use your gathering to emphasize company attributes and ensure your team has a shared vision of the future.

Elevate Your All-Hands Meetings With Preciate

Don’t settle for boring virtual meetings with no real value. Engage, inspire, and recognize your workforce for their ongoing contributions. If you want more information on running effective all-hands-on meetings, Preciate can get you started. Download our step-by-step handbook for boosting engagement in your all-hands meetings.

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